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Secret Santa: Fey-r by FionaCreates

I think you did a very good job on this! I like the simplicity of the composition, but I also like the details you put in it. The fact that the pose is dynamic is good, too; she doesn't look posed, but rather frozen, which is perfect.
Your colour choices are also quite nice, especially in her hair. I know hands and hair are very hard to draw, but you did a good job with them!
The bird is adorable, too. If this is your first time drawing owls, I'd say you are to be congratulated.
I think her skirt could use a bit more shading. It starts to look a little flat near the bottom of the page, especially when compared to her fur robe. Although I like how the trees in the background frame her, I'm wondering if they shouldn't be a bit more treelike? (Aka fatter at the bottom, because right now they look more like bamboo.) I guess that's a style choice, but it's something to think about.
Also, since it seems you were going for realism, her eyes should be a bit smaller and probably her lips should be slightly more elongated towards the corners of her mouth. And noses aren't usually that straight, but that's just nitpicky of me to say xD
Anyway, overall you did a beautiful job with this, and all the comments about changes to make are really just small things.
Happy Holidays~
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FionaCreates Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Professional General Artist
Thanks for taking the time to critique :D

I tend to work in a sort of "off realism" style, so eye shape and mouth shape were a stylistic choice.

Thank you for pointing out the trees, I hadn't really thought about their shape more just having some wintery twigs framing the character, I'm mostly used to drawing branches further up the tree with little birds sat on them and so kind of 'forget' trees are pretty big XD

Thank you again for the critique and taking the time to look thoroughly at my work :D
Akumeoi Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Student General Artist
You're welcome, no problem :)
Okay, well I'll admit I didn't really bother to look through your gallery when I wrote the critique, so I wasn't sure. ^^;
Trees? Big? Nah! XD
I hope it was helpful. :)
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